What Your Sponsor Never Told You About Webtalk Upgrades

My inside look in the Webtalk Upgrades as a Webtalk PRO Account User

Image by the author: Dennis Chikwayi

Webtalk is a great free service that helps you build a personal and a professional network all -in-one platform. If you have used the platform, you know it tries to get you to upgrade to Webtalk PRO accounts.

The question, is Webtalk upgrades worth it?

In this post, I’m going to cover everything you need to know about ‘the Webtalk upgrades. This includes upgrade options, how much Webtalk upgrades cost, the benefits Webtalk PRO accounts offer, and whether Webtalk Pro are good value for the money.

PRO Accounts Options

As of this writing, Webtalk offers two different levels of pro packages for people with different goals based on their specific needs.

Webtalk PRO Account

Webtalk PRO Account is the first tier pro account that cost $20 per month or $200 per year. This package includes features such as:

  • 10k maximum connections,
  • 50k maximum business CRM contacts,
  • Remove banner ads,
  • Send unlimited connection requests,
  • Send 5 TalkMails (messages) per month,
  • Share 5 spotlight posts per month,
  • Search by location.

Webtalk PRO Platinum

This is the second tier of Webtalk upgrade package. With this plan, you can find, research and connect with new people near you and worldwide.

This plan cost $40 or $400 per year. The features include:

  • Maximum connections — unlimited,
  • Maximum business CRM contacts — unlimited,
  • Remove banners ads,
  • Remove sponsored post ads,
  • Send unlimited connections requests,
  • Send 20 spotlight posts per month,
  • Incognito browsing,
  • Search by age range,
  • Serach by gender,
  • Search by available for hire.

Webtalk Upgrade Benefits

The features available on Webtalk upgrades are only part of the picture. Observation by Pro Webtalk users reveals a few more benefits.

Higher Response Rate to TalkMail

Webtalk TalkMail allows users to contact users that they are not connected with on Webtalk. Because of the trust factor on Webtalk, TalkMail have higher response rate than with traditional email.

The actual response rate varies according to how you interact with your network in your newsfeed and theirs. As well as how you personalize your TalkMails.

Spotlight Post

Spotlight posts features sticks posts to the top of the desired audience newsfeed.

A spotlight post emails alert to all your followers about your new Webtalk post.This allows you to be on people’s radar.

Increase in Profile Views

Webtalk’s social pay program places much importance on profile views. And more profile views put your product or you in front of more people who are curious to learn more about you.

PRO Customer Rewards Bonus

With its social pay program, Webtalk is offering a bonus to up 50% of their revenue for life with their founding PRO customers as long as they remain pro customers. This bonus referral rewards run through 5-levels deep in your referral network.

The Bottom line

If you feel you can’t live with any of the above features. Then you can try out the 7-Days Free Trial on any of these pro subscriptions to see what you get out of them.

If you don’t feel you gained enough benefit to justify the cost, you can drop back to the basic free account. It never hurts to test the waters.

This is my look inside the Webtalk pro accounts features as a Webtalk pro account user.

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