The Anatomy of a Great Webtalk Profile that Generates Leads

The 7 steps to the perfect Webtalk profile

Got a Webtalk profile? Congrats!

Now you are only competing for attention with the other 7+million users.

If you are serious about your social social career, and professional advancement, you need a Webtalk profile that’s optimized and update.

And instead of having your profile read like an online resume. You need to make it all about how you help a specific targeted audience achieve their goals by using your services and products.

In this guide, I will walk you through the steps you need to set up a new or improve an existing Webtalk profile that generates leads.

A disclaimer, I’m not a Webtalk expert I base this on my personal experience.

Here are the 7 profile features you should check and update regularly:

A. The Webtalk Basics

Name and Photo

Use your full name (no nicknames, please) and upload a professional headshot for your photo.


Then you need to upload a background photo picture you can use for branding with a tagline. This will help you stand out and capture the attention of those who view your profile.

Your Webtalk banner should include the following elements:

  1. Personal or company logo

2. Tagline or branded hashtag

The Headline

The profile headline is a one-liner text that tells people who you are and what you do. It should be catchy and keyword rich.

B. Webtalk: About Me Section

The “About Me Section” is where you tell people what you can help them with and why you are the best at it.

It must be “client-facing” meaning it’s more like a sales pitch than resume. Write your “About Me Section” in first person to keep it human and keyword rich so they will find you in the Webtalk’s search engine.

You can add your list of interests so you attract your like-minded people to follow your Webtalk page.

C. Webtalk: Social Profiles and Contact info

Under these sections you can add contact info, links to websites, social media sites and other elements that add to your credibility.

This may include:

1. Email

2. Phone number

3. Home address

4. Work address

5. Webtalk url

D. Webtalk: Experience Section

While your “About Me Section” is the first section most people see on your Webtalk profile page. Your “Experience Section” is no less important; make sure you give it the same treatment.

What counts here is what you achieved at your job and business.

State the achievements and stats prove it, and be precise in your experiences and current roles. Speak directly to your target audience and make it relevant to their needs.

E. Webtalk: Recommendations Section

Who do you trust more–the person who introduces himself out of the blues and brags about himself or the person your friends introduce you and vouches for?

Probably the person your friend introduced instead of the stranger. This is how Webtalk recommendation works.

It’s your social proof and the best ways to stand out on Webtalk.

Add credibility to your Webtalk profile by giving and receiving Webtalk recommendations. Avoid going for generic testimonials or recommendations that have questionable authenticity.

F. Webtalk: Education Section

Your education section says a lot about you, especially to the potential employer and your former classmates who are looking for you to reconnect.

While adding a school name in your education section, consider these tips:

1. Enter any extracurricular activities you took part in while attending that school/college in Activities and Societies text box.

2. Enter any awards or honors you received from the school/college in Description

G. Webtalk: Licenses & Certification Section

Finally, add any licenses and certifications you have earned related to your professional under this section.

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