Secret to Powerful Webtalk Profile SEO

SEO is not only for websites

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Webtalk is not only great for its social pay program. Users on the platform now consult Webtalk for everything business related.

What most people don’t know is that Webtalk is a powerful search engine that has the power to drive targeted high traffic to your profile.

This makes Webtalk the place to be, and get seen when you are building your personal brand and managing your business.

To get discovered on Webtalk, you need to understand Webtalk SEO.

SEO is not only for websites.

If you have had a Webtalk profile for a while, the chances are that you have used its search engine and the Discover Search at least once. Webtalk is a goldmine of information in its internal database about all users.

And the good news is that Webtalk is a resource that Google indexes and crawls. Shrewd Webtalk users are optimizing their profile and are showing up in Webtalk’s internal search engines and Google results.

Having your Webtalk profile that is complete is the starting point of an optimized profile for SEO on Webtalk.

Here are a few Webtalk SEO tips and tricks to get your profile stand out on this social pay platform:

Using Relevant Keywords on Webtalk SEO

You should use keywords in your Webtalk profile you want to be associated with in these places:

  • Your Job title,
  • Your profile headline,
  • About Me Page,
  • Experience Section,
  • Recommendation Section,
  • Your Pages public URL,
  • Your profile’s photo and banner.

Experience Section

This section is very important when optimizing your profile. It is within this section where you optimize your headline, job title, job description,company name, and location.

The headline is one of the most important field in Experience Section. It is one of the first elements that people notice when they visit your profile and follow you around in comments and search engines.

Make your headline more clear and descriptive.

In the Job description of the Experience Section, provide enough information about yourself; your background, and experience, and include your main keywords.

About Me Page

Just like the job description, the About Section is important. This is a section of your visitors would want to learn more about you.

Let your visitor know about what you do, and how you can help them with their pain points. Thrive to sell yourself in this section with rich-keywords.

Recommendation Section

Webtalk SEO is more or less similar to SEO strategies. Having a strong social proof it increases credibility.

This is a more proactive section of Webtalk profile because it requires you to ask users for a recommendation.

It is a plus if they give you a recommendation that includes keywords you want to position for.

I came across a Webtalk profile in Google results that was well optimized in the recommendation section.

ProTip: Don’t focus on only asking for recommendations. But you should also give them out, even to those who have not asked for them as long as you have a reason to do so.

Use a Custom URL for Your Webtalk Profile

Webtalk gives you an option to customize your public profile URL. Make it as your full name or variation of your name and keyword of your choice, etc.

Mine looks like this:

Learn more about how to customize your Webtalk Public Profile URL, a must read here.

Name your Images and Banner

Google searches images just like it searches text content. You should always label the background cover banner and photos before you upload them to Webtalk.

This will enable your profile to get discovered online. Instead of giving your profile photo your own name, label it with a job description.

Publish Posts on Webtalk

One of the best ways to apply SEO to your Webtalk profile is through content marketing. You do that by creating posts that resonate with your audience.

Always include hashtags, images, videos, and other media files in your posts. This will increase visibility in the Webtalk Discover Search and get found by people outside your network.

Create Back-links to your Webtalk Profile

Back links are links from one website to another. Back links are crucial for SEO as they signal search engines such as Google that your content is resourceful.

You can link to your Webtalk profile from your blog, guest blog or in the comment section of blog post you want to leave a comment on.

With commenting, you to need to leaving meaningful comments that provide value to the discussion at hand. Don’t be spamming, as this may hurt your credibility.

Webtalk can be a great platform to build your personal brand and business.

Apply all the above mentioned Webtalk profile SEO tips to get discovered by your target audience.

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