How to Wake up at 5AM and Grow Your Webtalk Followers

Image Source: PosterMyWall

I become a fan of 5AM Club for a month and this happened

Step 1: Retire to bed early

Sleeping is a crucial step that many people underestimate when trying the 5AM club. I go to bed at 9PM, this gives me at least 8 hours sleep rest that powers me to get up at 5AM.

Step 2: Invest in a Smarter Alarm

I use a vibrating wrist alarm that gradually wakes me up. Waking up slowly allows the body to accept the fact you are waking up.

Step 3: Early Morning Treats

Coffee is there to help you wake up. It allows you to stay alert and achieve more.

Step 4: Webtalk Networking

Start the day with a daunting, Webtalk task. This allows you to have control over your Webtalk back office and win your Webtalk day.

Step 5: Share Your Webtalk Content

Webtalk loves content that’s hosted on their website. By sharing posts on their site, directly you get more people viewing and sharing it.

  • Arrive at work more awake
  • Fewer distractions
  • Time to treat yourself to healthy food
  • Catch up with others in your network

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