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The new Webtalk native video feature will make publishing videos to the site easier and faster in the future.

The novelty for 2021 was posting links to videos replicated on external platforms like Vimeo and YouTube on Webtalk.


Happy Webtalkers! It’s official!!!

PRO customers can now directly upload videos to Webtalk and share them with their followers!

In the next release, we will introduce Auto-Play for videos, and soon we will launch our own video stream, similar to “Reels”.

We are also working on “Webtalk Live", giving you the ability to stream and record live videos.

Last, but certainly not least, we are also working on a “monetization” feature that will enable you to add advertisements to your videos to increase your Webtalk Rewards.

Public videos with over 10,000 views will automatically become monetized, but before then you will have the option to add advertisements or not as the video owner.

R.J. Gorbowicz, Founder, CEO, and Chairman.

Like any other social media platform, Webtalk wants to keep its users on its network. I’m sure you’ll agree that while performing well on YouTube or Vimeo, external videos published on Webtalk do not receive a lot of engagement.

I’m not sure how the Webtalk algorithm functions, but it’s well known that users that send users to external websites are often penalized on social media platforms.

Your posts will quickly lose their impact if you do this, since social media platforms will not promote them. In my earlier posts on Webtalk content marketing, I always encouraged readers to post external links in the comments.

I advise you to upload and post your videos on Webtalk in “native,” as the social media industry refers to it.

Today, Webtalk is the preferred medium for building your own brand and selling yourself.

In today’s marketing strategies, astute web marketers primarily rely on videos.

Andre Palko, the founder of Small Business Rainmaker, has noted in various sources that:

81% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a video.

76% of marketers say videos have increased sales and traffic.

63% claim videos have the best return on investment in social media.

Over, 50% of shoppers say videos help them decide which product to buy.

Webtalk now offers the ability to directly upload a video via PC and apps for Android or iOS if you haven’t been receiving the desired engagement from embedded videos.

The fact that native videos are housed on Webtalk is a benefit, as I’ve already said.

A native video will therefore be given more emphasis and attention than those that are hosted on YouTube or Vimeo (embedded videos).

Now you can shoot yourself and directly post your video in the status. And it doesn’t matter if you are camera-shy because there are tools available to help you make faceless videos that can go viral, and earn you points in the Webtalk Rewards program.

Users that consistently produce high-quality videos will claim greater notoriety and visibility on Webtalk when native videos for Webtalk come out of the soft launch.

What we can use Webtalk for?

You can rely on Webtalk to assist you in maximizing your customer base if you’re an internet marketer or business owner because of Webtalk Discover Search and the social syndication feature.

These tools can also help you reach users who are not in your network and those who are active on other social networks.

You can post several Webtalk videos, and each type has advantages.

I want to emphasize that creating a Webtalk native video can be an excellent way to tell the narrative in a style that is most relevant to your business and target audience.

Here are the kinds of videos that you can see on Webtalk:

Make short, informative how-to tutorials for everything. For instance, a video explaining how to “dress” your Webtalk profile for SEO optimization or how to create a content locker on CPAgrip for CPA marketing.

Sharing customer success stories is a great approach to getting social proof that will help with conversion and sales by bringing the individuals you serve to life.

You may ask your customers to make videos about your goods or services so you may post them as native videos on Webtalk.

If you are in affiliate marketing, you can create a Webtalk video just like top YouTubers publish product review videos on YouTube.

If you already have a popular YouTube video, you can use it to create a Webtalk native video. To upload it as a Webtalk video, simply download it first.

You can enhance your personal and professional brand by using Webtalk videos. Using videos, cement your position as a thought leader in your niche.

By doing this, you’ll increase your chances of being found and hired by clients.

We, humans, are naturally curious and want to know more about the people we follow online.

You can use Webtalk videos to engage your followers by sharing behind-the-scenes information about your business or a little about your personal life.

Have you seen how the Webtalk team uses webinars to their advantage? On Wednesdays, they hold webinars that are then turned into YouTube videos.

You can use the same strategy if your company hosts webinars; why not turn them into Webtalk native videos to increase reach?

You can create how-to videos on the tools you use daily to run your business.

Videos showing, for instance, how to use a video editing program or an email marketing autoresponder tool come to mind. These might be products you sell or products from other companies.

Always keep in mind that your content should be 80% helpful and 20% promotional when using social media.

How to share your video on Webtalk

Today, most people access the internet via their mobile devices. Keep in mind that users of TikTok, Instagram, and other popular social media platforms are using mobile apps to socialize online.

Currently, during this soft launch, you can only share videos that are only five minutes long. I think they will extend the length of the video once it has fully launched.

Use the first six seconds of your video to grab viewers’ attention in order to make the most of the allotted five minutes.

Take advantage of Webtalk’s social syndication tool to post your videos on other social networks. This is a tried-and-true method of getting more people to watch your videos.

Produce professional-looking videos if you want to stand out from the competition. And making videos these days doesn’t require you to show your face.

You can, for instance, use a variety of technologies to convert your articles into videos.

I have discovered a potent program called Pictory that can turn blog posts into videos and publish them on Webtalk.

You can add a great-looking thumbnail to your video and give it a professional appearance by using programs like Canva.

Webtalk native videos are still in their infancy, so I look forward to more features being added, such as the ability to monetize videos.

In conclusion, when Webtalk videos are fully adopted across the board for all users, they could revolutionize marketing techniques.

Introduce yourself, your business, and how you can help visitors via Webtalk native video. Make videos that promote your book, webinar, or other product while also addressing frequently asked questions about your industry or business.

Videos will amplify your brand. If you put the time and effort into creating a professional video for Webtalk, surely your efforts should be rewarded.

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