How to Join Webtalk|Beta Version

6 Steps to Get Started on Webtalk

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Here is why, straight from the horse’s mouth:

“We are building a virtual world where everyone can truly live, work, shop and play with ALL your real-life relationships without your networks crossing,”––RJ Garbowicz, Founder of Webtalk

RJ’s statement only made sense to me after using the platform for five months.

Here is how I describe Webtalk:

Webtalk is like the “crossbreed” of Facebook and LinkedIn. The key idea behind Webtalk is to allow users to manage their activities, contacts, and interests all in one place and without lines crossing.

This gives users complete control of their content, relationships, news and privacy–you are your own Webtalk algorithm.

Still interested?

Creating a Webtalk account is 100% FREE and by invitation only this beta period. The following are the steps to join Webtalk community:

These are the steps to follow:

Hope this post was helpful and look forward to connecting with you on Webtalk.

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