How to Grow Your Webtalk Referrals Using Pinterest

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Have you considered leveraging Pinterest to increase referral traffic that can cause more Webtalk followers and engagement?

I love finding ways of cross-promote on different platforms, as it allows me to build social media following much more quickly.

Currently, you can only syndicate your Webtalk posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Pinterest is one of the big dogs not included on the list. Pinterest is a visual search engine which is like other traditional search engines such as Google.

Because of this, Pinterest is the powerhouse that should not be underrated.

Getting Webtalk referrals is difficult. As a marketer or business owner, you need to grow your Webtalk referral network and connections.

If the other social media networks are not giving you the results you want, it is time you consider Pinterest.

Here are the reasons:

  • Google loves Pinterest and places its pages on top positions including SERP features and Google image. Unlike Facebook or Instagram posts, your pins have a chance of appearing in search engines.
  • Pinterest has recently become the third largest social network in the USA. This is a tier one country with high buying intent buyers.
  • Businesses use Pinterest as their products catalog because Pinterest users use the site to make purchase decisions. This makes Pinterest a platform for marketing products.
  • Pinterest ranks visual content such as images, infographics, and videos.
  • Do you know that a lot of YouTubers use Pinterest to drive organic traffic to their YouTube channels? This could also apply to Webtalk native videos when they come on board.
  • Pinterest content ranks in minutes or hours unlike content that relies on Google.
  • On Pinterest you can create multiple, fresh pins for the same URL targeting the same keywords.
  • You get discovered by your targeted audience on Pinterest.
  • The best part of your pins, in case Webtalk images on Pinterest are that they can remain evergreen. Pins that become popular will continue to get significant traffic and click throughs to your Webtalk post and sign-ups.

Does this interest you? Let’s then dive in and create those pins that people will want to engage with.

Images shared on Webtalk have that collage-like charm that is like Pinterest and Instagram. I just love this similarity and I believe they could complement each other.

First thing first, create a business Pinterest account or convert your personal account to a business account. Fill all the details and optimize your profile and boards for discovery.

Make sure you turn off Search Privacy in the settings so that your profile and the boards will appear in the Google search results.

Board covers should be interesting to pinners, and use the right keywords. Use relevant keywords when naming your pins image files, and when writing your pin description, and updating your boards.

Once your Pinterest business account is set and running, all you need to do is log into your Webtalk account. Publish your content first and then share it to Pinterest.

Steps to share your Webtalk post on Pinterest:

Step 1. Direct Pinning

Go to the Webtalk post you want to pin on Pinterest and grab the post’s URL. This is the Webtalk URL that you will use in the pins destination website.

Upload the pin image and add the caption with relevant keywords and hashtags in the description section. Then publish the pin to the relevant board.

This is a direct way of directing pinners to your Webtalk account. This may not give you the desired results.

My assumptions are probably, Pinterest does like seeing its pinners being driven away to other social media platforms. Most social media platform’s algorithms dislike or don’t encourage sending their users away from their sites.

Let’s assume Pinterest doesn’t enjoy seeing its pinners being driven away before you give them value first.

Here are other two ways you can drive massive traffic from Pinterest:

Step 2. Pinterest Funnel 1- Email Marketing

With this first funnel, your pin promotes a free offer. This should be an irresistible freebie that answers pain problems the pinners are facing. Your pin’s destination link will be a landing page link for collecting email addresses.

In your first email sequence, after you deliver the freebie, you can make your invite to Webtalk prominent. Then, in subsequent emails in your welcome series, you can add the invitation links to your Postscript (PS).

In your emails you can include screenshots of valuable interaction that happens inside your newsfeed, e.g. Webtalk payment proofs garner a lot of engagements, etc.

Step 3. Pinterest Funnel 2 -Blogging

In this second funnel, your pin points to a blog post.The pin should preview the content and position it as a must-read. When pinners land on your blog post they should expect to get a value that solve their pain problem or achieve their goal.

Give them the reason they should trust you before they join your Webtalk network. Position yourself as an authority and a resource to follow.

PRO TIP: Your caption should be creative so that it will draw in people to engage with your pins. The more engagements your pin receives, the more referrals and click throughs you will drive to your Webtalk account.

To be on top of things, you can streamline the content creation and publication process with Pinterest Management tools like Tailwind. Tailwind allows you to schedule your pins in advance, and for image creation I would recommend tools like PosterMyWall or Canva.

Always perform Pinterest SEO so that you can increase your visibility on the platform. As I mentioned earlier, Pinterest is a visual search engine which is like Google search.

With the business account, you can make use of Pinterest’s inbuilt analytics. This will enable you to determine when your audience is most active. Use this tool and post regularly at those times to get better results.

In conclusion, Webtalk is becoming a serious marketing space for selling, networking, and cultivating an audience for individuals and brands alike.

Right now, it’s the best time to build your followers on Webtalk before it becomes competitive and lock in your passive income stream from its affiliate program.

Syndicating your Webtalk posts only to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter is not enough. You should consider bringing Pinterest on board as well. Thanks to its link-friendly nature, Pinterest is a great platform for increasing referral traffic to Webtalk for growing your business.

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