How to Get Views on Webtalk

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Learning how to create a Webtalk profile is where the journey starts. Having an optimized, keyword word rich Webtalk profile is the sure way to visible.

Now that you have created a searchable profile, the second thing you need to exhibit is authority.

We litter social media platforms with a lot of noise. We are seeing more and more people are switching on to Webtalk.

With this exodus to Webtalk, there are now thousands of status updates being posted every single minute on Webtalk.

Those who stand out have clear authority in what they post and share on the platform. Your business should be all about problem-solving because people in your loop regard you as their problem fixer.

The tips I’m going to show you will deliver actionable value, you can use right after reading this story. I use them and have seen top Webtalk influencers use them too.

Let’s dive into the details:

The Start Matters the Most

Whenever you write longer posts on Webtalk, Webtalk truncates your content with “See More” when your post appears in your network’s newsfeed.

This compels people to click on “See More” to engage more with your content, and Webtalk loves it.

Use an open-ended question or a click baited opening line that drives people to want to read the whole post.


“I turned down $50K offer”

“I have to talk about this”

“She didn’t even look at me”

“They laughed at me”

“They outsourced my job”

Key takeaway: Start with something interesting. And hidden text forces people to click on the “See More” button and engage with your content.

Keep Your Content Well Structured

No one likes to read long posts. If you write a single with an enormous block of content that makes reading a little difficult, it could reduce the number of people who read the full post.

And you could miss out on the Ad rewards viewpoints. In order to avoid this, break down your content into brief paragraphs.

Use 1–2 sentences, this means that people who are using handheld devices will be happy to read your posts since it will be much easier for them.

Key takeaway: Make your posts easy to read, engaging, and mobile-friendly.

Tag Relevant People

Tagging influencers or relevant people in your Webtalk posts can help you reach out and engage.

Key takeaway: Improve engagements on your posts by tagging people only if it’s necessary.

Webtalk: Social Syndication

You can choose to share your content on other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Slack.

Webtalk likes it when it receives incoming traffic from other platforms to a post, and if people decide to join the site through your link, Webtalk rewards you for that in its affiliate program.

Key takeaway: Sharing your content to other sites can further your reach, and Webtalk loves it.

Leverage the Power of Spotlight Posts

Spotlight posts allow you to prioritize your to specific target audience’s newsfeed.

Spotlight is a PRO and PRO platinum feature. It sends a notification both email and internal push notifications to all of your contents at once when you make a post.

Spotlight posts improve your open rates for more views and reach.

Key takeaways: The spotlight post is your Webtalk’s email marketing autoresponder. The value of this feature alone is far more than the cost of the PRO Upgrade.

Include Powerful Images

Images attract attention. A post with an image or graphic element is much likely to get read.

Images invite people to look at the story. This means more views, likes, and comments. Webtalk posts with images that garner likes, comments, and shares show up in the Webtalk Discovery Search.

Key takeaway: Consider photos as the “shop window” of a publication. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say.

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