How to Get a Webtalk Invite

Curious about how to get on Webtalk, the invite-only platform?

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There are lots of amazing and special things you’d find on Webtalk that sets it apart from platforms and programs.

What sets Webtalk apart?

Part of it is phycological: wanting to not miss out, this stems out from its invite-only approach. It’s much like how it is for yacht clubs.

This invite-only approach gives it an elite position. And it can pay users for their activities they do on the site.

The invite-only is because that platform is still in the beta stage. Once all the features are in place, the Webtalk team is planning to exit the beta stage.

Secondly, Webtalk affiliate program allows users to earn money from Webtalk by inviting new users to the platform. Users also earn by creating quality content, viewing other's posts and profiles.

Thirdly, what sets Webtalk apart as RJ Garbowicz puts it:

Webtalk bills itself as a space for personal and professional networking platforms that allow users to manage their all real-life relationships on one platform without networks crossing.

The dollar question on many people’s minds is simple. How do I get on board?

Personal Invitation

To use Webtalk, you need to join with an invitation-only. The first way to get on Webtalk is through a personal invitation from the current user.

Users share their invitation links via SMS-invitation and email-invitation to friends and business associates.

The Power of Social Media

Webtalk social syndication feature allows users to post to their contacts on Webtalk, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Slack. When you click on the shared link (post), it will lead you back to Webtalk, and if you sign up that is how you get invited.

Webtalk also allows users to post banner ads on their websites, or through paid advertising. Any user that signs up to Webtalk via the banner ad immediately gets invited.

There you go, contact that friend, or business associate who is on Webtalk to let you in.

No pals on Webtalk? No problem, I have you covered.

Here is the FREE invitation link: I invite you to Webtalk.

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