How to Earn Money with Webtalk Ad Rewards

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Everything you do on Webtalk pays you actual cash every month!

Webtalk Reward Program is an all-in-one rewards program. It combines the best of rewards, affiliate, influencer, and direct sales commissions plans, making it the world’s most lucrative rewards program.

Webtalk Reward Program has a point system, and it awards points for everything you do on Webtalk.

What are Points?

Points redeem for pie slices, 1000 points equals 1 pie slice, and each pie slice equals 50% of Webtalk’s ad revenue every month.

How Webtalk Rewards works:

1. Earn as content creator

Webtalk Rewards pays you up to 10% of the advertising revenue generated on the content you share in Webtalk. This means the more people who follow you on Webtalk who are engaging with your content, the more you will earn.

2. Earn as a content consumer

Webtalk Rewards pays you up to 10% of the advertising revenue you generate when you view posts, profiles, and other pages with advertisements inside Webtalk.

3. Earn for referrals

Webtalk Rewards pays you 10% revenue share on both advertising and PRO premium feature subscription upgrades purchased by your referrals.


A. Invite contacts

When you invite your contacts to follow you on Webtalk, your profile link doubles as a referral link that awards you credit for the referral when you invite your contacts to follow or connect with you on Webtalk.

Webtalk also provides a personalized landing page link to invite your contacts via the link.

B. Content Marketing

When you post on Webtalk and syndicate/share it to your other social networks it also doubles as a referral link so when people click your shared content and return to Webtalk then join you earn referral credit.

C. Affiliate Marketing

Webtalk provides you with an affiliate landing page link, banner ads and social buttons that award referral credit without letting the referrals know who invited them.

4. Limited Opportunity | Webtalk 5 Level Bonus

Webtalk is offering a limited bonus opportunity to the early adopters, which can create over 1,000,000 millionaires by sharing over 50% of revenue as a way of saying THANK YOU for helping us grow faster.

And a way to crowdfund the company without having to take venture capital while changing the world with the biggest opportunity to create wealth the internet has ever seen.

Standard Commission Plan

YOU: Earn 10% Advertising Revenue Share

Direct Referrals: (Level 1): Earn 10% Advertising & PRO Feature Revenue Share.

Webtalk Bonus Commission Plan

Indirect Referrals (Level 2-Level 5): Earn 10% Advertising & PRO Feature Revenue Share through 5-levels of referrals (when your referrals invite others, and they invite others, through 5-levels of referrals)


A. Refer a PRO Customer OR become a PRO customer.

When one of your referrals upgrades their FREE account to a PRO account, or if you upgrade your FREE account to a PRO account, you earn the bonus every month you or one of your referrals renews our PRO service.

B. Be one of the first 1,000,000 to earn the bonus.

Get paid to promote you and your business!

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