How to Drive Instagram traffic to Your Webtalk profile

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If you are a business owner, blogger on Webtalk, then you know just how important social syndication is if you want to succeed on Webtalk.

You can only share your Webtalk posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Slack.

Instagram is missing from this list.

With over 1 billion active monthly users, every shrewd blogger and business owner wants to drive traffic from Instagram to their websites.

But how do you tap into Instagram traffic and boost your Webtalk engagement?

Driving traffic from Instagram can be a thorn in the back. Instagram posts don’t allow direct links from either the post or the caption.

The platform provides only three spots where you can place clickable links to help you drive traffic from Instagram.

These are:

Your Instagram bio

In IGTV video description,

Instagram stories (for users with over 10k followers)

For this post I will only dwell on one spot the Instagram bio:

Instagram Bio

By default, Instagram only allows one link in the Instagram bio. Meaning you can’t add multiple links in your Instagram Bio.

To overcome this, and drive traffic to your Webtalk posts, you add a Link-in-Bio tool to feature multiple links.

I stumbled upon the Tailwind Smart. Bio a link-in-bio tool. This is a free link-in-Bio tool for Instagram. This tool allows you to add multiple links to your Instagram bio.

With these clickable links, you will direct your Instagram followers to specific pages for those in-depth Webtalk posts, blog posts, your Quora content or any other web pages you want to drive your followers to.

The beauty of smart.Bio, you can do it retroactively, meaning that you can go back and update your post on Instagram grid with direct links to your Webtalk posts.

You will love this. If you use Tailwind for scheduling your Instagram posts, you can add the links to your Webtalk posts inside the Tailwind Scheduler. And Smart.Bio automatically updates the clickable link.

PRO TIP: Refer your Instagram followers to your BIO/ profile link with a Call-to-Action with lines like “Click the Smart.Bio link in my bio for more details.”

All you need to get started with Smart.Bio is to sign up for a Tailwind account. Smart.Bio is a free tool any Instagram user can use and boost traffic to their sites.

You can use an extra feature for Instagram scheduling if you decide to upgrade to a paid plus plan.

Once you sign up with Tailwind, link the Instagram account you want to use the Smart.Bio and click on the Claim your Smart.Bio button to get started.

Once you claim your account, you can then add those specific Webtalk links you would like your followers to follow on Webtalk.

Try Tailwind Smart.Bio to drive your engaged Instagram followers to your Webtalk posts. This will help you grow your followers and new referrals for your Webtalk Ad Rewards program.

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