How to Customize Your Webtalk Profile URL

Claim your name before they do-Webtalk SEO

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Just like many social media sites lets you choose a custom URL for personal or professional profile. Webtalk also allows you to use the default address or you can customize.

For the most people, the generic URL includes their first and last name separated by a dot in between. Others include a dot at the end of the name and a number.

Why should you customize your Webtalk profile URL?

A custom Webtalk profile URL will enable you to use your Webtalk profile as a branding and lead generation tool. A customized Webtalk profile URL is kinda like a personalized number plate for car enthusiasts.

Having a custom Webtalk profile also helps with SEO on major search engines such as Google and Microsoft Bing.

Do you intend to use your Webtalk URL for personal branding? Then it’s important to claim your name before other Webtalk profiles do.

Like any other pages on internet, the computer generated URL that Webtalk provides upon the sign up only lets people view your profile.

As mentioned earlier, Webtalk profile URL comprises names,dots,and numbers. This helps to differentiate each profile address for people with the same names by different numbers.

With branding in the mind, a default URL doesn’t have any branding for Webtalk members.

The fact is that the generic URL doesn’t hurt your brand, and it doesn’t help you either. Because of this, why not customize your Webtalk profile URL and have these benefits.

Benefits of Having a Custom Webtalk URL

By claiming your name or having a preferred Webtalk custom profile gives you an instant recognized Webtalk profile. This means you won’t have the trouble to remember it when networking online.

  • Boost a professional image as an individual.
  • A customized profile reflects your brand affiliation.
  • You can establish yourself as a subject expert.

How to Pick Your Webtalk Custom Webtalk Profile URL

Pick a custom Webtalk URL that is compatible with any website that you may have. For instance, you can grab a name of your website, yourname . com.

This can give you a uniform touch across your blog and your Webtalk profile. Using your name makes it easier to remember both for you and your followers.

The other option is to use your brand name or name plus keyword. You can use this option when you find your name is not the right choice for Webtalk or users with common name have claimed already it.

In this situation, you can leverage your blog, business name, or keywords that you want to be associated with. The keywords should reflect your personal branding or professional.

PRO Tip: Don’t over stuff URL with various keywords. The point is not to confuse Webtalk users and search engines. Select the one keyword that you find to be most relevant for your profile.


You can change your URL only once. Knowing how to change your Webtalk generic URL should not be used to pick something you will soon regret.

How to Change your Webtalk profile URL

To change your Webtalk URL login to your Webtalk account.

  • Click on Menu icon
  • Click on profile
  • Then click on “About
  • Scroll down to Contact section
  • Click on pencil on the Webtalk URL field and enter the custom URL you want.

And that was all from me for today! I hope you liked my story on how to customize your Webtalk profile URL. As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read my story, and I hope to see you in the next one.

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